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  • About Palletite

    Hi my Name is Jody Whitten, I am the founder and CEO of Palletite.

    Palletite is a startup company based in the Manawatu.

    While I was working in the FMCG distribution industry, I realised how much plastic stretch film as well as machinery it required to contain goods on pallets.

    Palletite is a reusable pallet load containment system that can circulate throughout our entire supply chain, from manufacturers through to distribution centres all the way through to end of line supermarkets and back.

    Along with eliminating tonnes of plastic waste, reduce packaging cost, increase in operational health and safety, better protection for goods during transport and storage, our system also offers an increase throughput efficiency.

    We here at Palletite envision a more sustainable and efficient supply chain, which is why our mission is to accelerate that sustainability while offering a higher and smarter efficiency to benefit the way the industry moves their goods. If your company is ready to become more sustainable and efficient, contact us for a full demonstration, thank you.


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